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Welcome to Garland Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary!




Garland Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary is a completely full, no-kill, 501C3, non-profit facility dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, neglected and unwanted dogs and cats. Garland Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary, a non-profit public benefit corporation, was established in 2002. It is a no-kill, licensed kennel for both dogs and cats of California's high desert. We are supported entirely by donations and private grants. Our animals are healthy and loved. Many of them are over 5 years old, with quite a few 10-14 year olds. We have over 70 dogs and an almost equal number of cats. The rescue and its' staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing compassionate care for the animals who reside here. An exercise yard staffed by volunteers, allows the dogs to run and play or take a leisurely stroll. Volunteers also help to bathe and groom the dogs and cats and give them the attention each deserves. We rely heavily on the good hearts and hands of our volunteers. They range in age from 15 on up to 80. We have mentored senior students from local high schools for their senior projects and have worked with disadvantaged youth programs. Although older dogs and cats are not often considered for adoption, Garland Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary promotes awareness as to the benefits of these loving partners. The older dogs and cats are calmer and exhibit fewer destructive behaviors, and can make great pets for older families or those who work. The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits these animals provide to their adopters is now accepted scientifically. The ranch also has dogs from 1-2 years and up who would be great for more active homes. Our dogs are mixed breeds, both large and small!